Sunday, May 30, 2010

Amazing Race and Interns

I'll be posting some fun pictures here soon!
Just had my brother visiting for a couple weeks and we had a great time together. But today I wanted to let you know that Dave's surgery went well and now he is recovering at home. Thanks so much for your prayers!
I thought you'd also be glad to know that Dave's oldest son Tyler is spending his first year as an official intern with Josiah Venture. He's just a few hours from us in our neighboring country of Croatia! And he's compiled an excellent video on his blog in case you'd like to check it out I'll post it here. It really captures the summer intern experience so far and, well, can you blame me if I'm proud of my nephew?

The Amazing Race (JV) from Tyler Patty on Vimeo.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Josh's brother Dave

Josh's older brother Dave happens to also be our boss! He's a great leader and we're glad to serve under him.
If you would take just a second and pray for him today we would sure appreciate it.
It's a long story but the short version is that just under 2 months ago he found out that he has a valve in his heart that isn't functioning correctly. And actually, if left unattended could kill him.
He and his wife Connie, really see this as the Lord's good leading and kindness for many reasons. Today he goes in to prepare for surgery and tomorrow May 18 he'll be having open heart surgery to correct this valve.
If you'd like more details let me know. But would you please pray for Dave and for his family? Thanks!

Spring Conference and The Lion King

Spring staff conference is always something special for our family. It's a time to connect with our JV teammates from other countries and especially a time for our kids to connect with the JV kids who are kids like them. They have very close friendships in this community and feel loved and known there.
AND when CYT (Christian Youth Theater) comes and helps them to do a musical they go nuts! The JV kids are so talented! And they put on a great show!

Here's Becca in the role of one of the hyenas. That girl can put on some attitude! Lori leaned over during the show and said, "Becca doesn't need a weapon. She's got hips!" She was playing the Whoppi Goldberg character and she was good!Our nephew Caleb was Scar. So here's Becca as his back up dancer! I didn't know he had such a great British accent!
I grabbed this shot before the performance. But afterwards the kids told me, "Mom! We're supposed to stay in character! You can't come talk to us and take our picture!"
Kendra and Blake were Timon and Pumba. I have to say that it wasn't much of a stretch for the two of them. They are pretty much like that! They did get the screwball award from the team and LOVED making the audience laugh!

Luke wasn't in the show. But here's a shot of him and his buddy Landon that Landon's mom sent me. The Jenkins family moved here last summer and Luke and Landon automatically connected. The teachers who came to take care of kids for us while we were in our sessions commented on how nice these two boys play together. I'm grateful knowing Luke has a friend like Landon!

More Garmisch shots

It was just such a great time that I had to do a second post with some more fun shots!
Me and LukaEaster morning! Looking a little tired but happy!
Tori and Luke
Matt and Heidi.
Me and Claudia
It was just such a great time that I had to do a second post with some more fun shots!

Easter and Garmisch

Our dear friend Claudia lives in Germany and this year she invited us to join her and some of her family in Garmisch for Easter! We had such a wonderful time! Our kids love to go to Germany. The older three feel the connection of having been born there and often comment on the couple of trips we've taken and how much they enjoy it.
And we were really ready for a break! It was so refreshing! Great companions, swimming, american food (from the US military hotel there)!

The first morning as we walked down the hall to breakfast, some other guests greeted us with a warm, "Good morning!" We laughed later at the way we were surprised and bumbled our way through a response! It totally took us off gaurd! It was good to be in our own culture again!

Thanks Claudia!Luka and Tori, Claudia's granddaughter (Katie's oldest for those who know her!)at an Easter Egg hunt! What a scene!
Josh enjoying his breakfast! A masterpiece!
Blake and I even got to have some Starbucks!
Swimming was the main attraction for Luke and the girls! Having Tori to play with added to the fun and she was a great playmate to both Kendra and Luke!
Blake and Josh even got in some snowboarding on the Zugspitz!

A fridge from France for my 40th!

I turned 40 in April and we were looking for a way to mark this special occasion! We've always rented our homes in our 19 years of marriage and usually had a fridge provided for us.
Except for one home in Germany. At that time we were running youth group for the military and had the chance to buy a used US fridge for a couple of bucks.
As we moved we kept it. And it's come in handy for Once a month cooking and holding extra food for meetings etc. When we left our rental and moved in here we were grateful for it once again!
But we could see that it's days were numbered. Mold in the cracks and crevices that doesn't go away, a freezer door that doesn't seal.... so Josh started on the hunt for a new fridge. And would you believe that it was cheaper to go to France and pick this one up, than it was to order it from here in our city?!
Well, not the hotel cost but we threw in my birthday celebration and feel like we came up on the good side of the deal!
I just cooked this weekend for the month and LOVE my fridge and my kitchen!
Oh! And I just have to say how nice the French people were to us during our short stay! We had such a lovely time just the two of us and I could hardly get over hearing people say, 'Excusez-moi'! And really mean it!