Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Youth Group that lives down the hall

We used to have our own youth group. 
Actually, we had two.
One for Jr. High kids and another for Sr. High kids.
Remember that?
Leading games, Josh with his guitar and a row of teenage guys standing next to him, strumming for all they were worth as we belted out, "Pharaoh Pharaoh! Oh, baby let my people go!"
(Ok so this is actually from our interning days under Steve Keels but you get the idea.  Hi Joe!)

And then somewhere along the line, we started training young leaders.  And those young leaders became very competent!  They started leading games, music, giving great messages at youth group.

We are so proud of the generation of young leaders that have grown up here in Slovenia!  Students and young adults who are loving each other and sharing the gospel of God and their lives as well.  Youth groups, music groups, sports teams, small group bible studies; all of them designed to reach out to young people. 

It's just that it happened so fast!  It turns out that I'm the mom of a bunch of those young leaders now!  Last week we were discussing getting Kendra to her Jr. High group on time.  I told her that we would just meet her brother Blake there.  I casually said, "I know he's got the message tonight so I'm sure he'll be on time." 

And then I heard myself. 
I got all emotional as I realized that even now we are turning over responsibility to yet another generation of young leaders. 
 I'm proud of these young leaders.  Especially the ones who live down the hall from us!