Thursday, September 04, 2008

Look who is staying for dinner!

After we'd been home for a couple of days Josh was on the computer and was checking into our ministry accounts. We'd traveled around this summer sharing stories of what God is doing in Slovenia and in the lives of many people who have become dear to us these past 7 years. We also shared personally about our longing for a home. A place to really put down roots as people who aren't temporarily living here. And a place where we could take on guests and others who find themselves in need of housing. (See our house blog)

When Josh checked into the new account set aside for our home he said, "Well, no money in that account yet." I felt a wave of discouragement. Blaming it on jet lag I told him I was headed to bed. I couldn't stop the thoughts of "We'll never have a home here." And decided to read my bible a bit as a distraction. I turned once again to the feeding of the 5,000. It's such a familiar story but in the last 6 months the Lord has used it repeatedly to remind me that provides however he sees fit.

This time as I read I thought.. You know Lord, if I'd have been there on that day I don't think I would have stayed until dinner time. I could just see myself around 3pm saying to my family, "Listen. It'll be dinner time soon and there's no way they can feed all these people. Let's leave now and head home for dinner, or to a shop to get something so we won't be hungry." And I'd have missed the miraculous feeding.

Once again, I had to say, 'Lord, you haven't promised me a house but you have promised to provide. Help me stay until dinner time and not hurry myself and my family away for fear of being hungry."

The next day we were sitting around visiting with friends when Josh's mom called. She'd been to lunch with some ladies and one woman walked up to her. She said, "I forgot to send this in May but I wanted to show this to you."

It was a check to go towards our home for $18,000!
I think dinner time may be sooner than I thought!