Monday, April 05, 2010

Baptism by the Sea

Every year our church here in Ljubljana has an all church retreat to Croatia. And every year it gets sweeter and sweeter! It's our tradition to have a baptism for anyone who is ready to take that step and it's often been the highlight of the weekend. This year was no exception since our daughter Kendra asked if she could be baptised this year in the cold Adriatic Sea!Kendra has been anxious to believe and be baptised since she was small! At the retreat Kendra shared her testimony and told a bit of her story. Blake and Becca had both asked Jesus into their hearts when they were young and once Kendra understood she was ready too. I'm afraid she gave a very faithful narrative when she told the group that it never seemed to be (and here she drew quote marks in the air) the right time! Well, it was true. We either had guests, or Josh was out of town or..... What kind of missionaries are we? So this time when she said she was ready to be baptised we didn't hold her off! She got a lot of joy out of going to the classes with our pastor and learning all about why God asks us to be baptised.
It really is true that we have no greater joy than to know that our children are walking with God! We feel so proud of each of them as they continue to grow in their individual relationships with God. (Here's a shot of Kendra with our dear family friend Kiley Jackson.)
7 others from our church were baptised that day. We sure would appreciate your prayers for them as they grow and that their lights would shine like stars in the universe in this country! (L to R) Mana, Ditka, Kiley, Maj,Kendra, Tanja and Tomi. Praise the Lord!