Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Grandpa and Nana come to visit

Becca, Margaret and Kendra

Josh's mom and dad came for a visit and we had a wonderful week together! We decided we'd have a birthday party for all of us since they were bringing presents for all the upcoming birthdays. (Three of our children have birthdays in the next 5 weeks!) We had gifts for them as well so we made ourselves a cake and sang "Happy Birthday to us!"

We also took them to "our" camping spot. A place on a farmer's property about 45 minutes from the city that Josh and Blake found years ago. And nearby is the fishing hole that we frequent. So after a couple hours of fishing we took our catch, visited with the farmer's wife and son and then made a campfire then cooked our fish over the open fire and felt very pleased with ourselves!

The shape of the words

Luke hasn't started talking yet. I don't mean that he doesn't talk, infact, he's talking all the time! Just not looking right at me and saying ma ma sort of talking. But we get such a kick out of hearing him copy things that are being said around him. Rebecca said the other day, "Isn't it cute to hear Luke try and say the shape of the words that we say?" I thought that was a very insightful way to describe what he's doing as he's learning to speak. Then the kids had a discussion about how that's the way they speak slovene. They try to copy the shape of words when they hear something new. Very different than the way I go about learning Slovene. I write it down and then memorize it and if I hear it again I try to remember it off the page I wrote it on. I think I should try their way!