Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"piderman's birthday party

Almost 4 years ago Luke was born smack in the middle of our camp season. We realized at the time how many of our friends in Slovenia are involved in camps when we had to leave for the hospital at 2 in the morning and needed someone to come and stay with the older three! (Blessings on Ana Forjan who jumped in her car and came right over!)This year Luke was really tracking with the whole "have your friends over and have much made over you is what birthdays are all about" thing. So we invited his buddies Landon, Caleb and the neighbor boy ┼Żan along with their parents and our faithful friends the Jackson family. But we did it a week early since the American teams start arriving tomorrow and we will all be busy with the details of camps.
We settled on a Super Hero theme and Spiderman has long held a priority role with Luke when it comes to Super Heros! And I really do hold it as a value that all Super Heros should at least have a working knowledge of how to make their own birthday cakes.
Of course we have a strict, "No Capes!" rule since they can be dangerous if caught in the beaters on the electric hand mixer!