Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oma came to town

My mom is here for a visit! She is such a brave soul. We had hoped to be farther along in the process when her and my dad got tickets to spend the holidays with us this year.
The plan was that we'd be all done with the middle floor renovation and the guest room. She would come and spend thanksgiving with us and then we would decorate and organize and get ready for Christmas. Dad would arrive Dec 16 and we'd have that Christmas that we've been dreaming of, being together with the lights down low, the tree decorated, the children playing quietly with Christmas music in the background.
Instead, she's sharing a room with the girls and we're cheering the progress the workers are making every day, just praying that we will open presents in the living room and in this shot she's cleaning the boxes out of the guest room to help us get it ready....maybe when Dad arrives they'll sleep in there? Stay tuned for more exciting adventures with The Patty family!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Kendra's piano recital

Kendra has been taking piano privately for 2 years but this year we got her signed in at a music school. We've heard it can be pretty demanding and just weren't sure if we wanted the kids to do music school. We wanted them to have a good experience with music and to be encouraged creatively. But one teacher suggested that of all our kids Kendra can roll with the punches and maybe she should try. Well this week was her first performance and of course she was amazing! The Jackson family all turned out to see her as well and then scooted out while we stayed behind for a parent meeting. The teacher started talking about the year ahead and what to expect when she suddenly stopped and very sternly and with an exasperated voice gave the parents a tongue lashing. "Parents?! Do you think your children will listen when you will not? Please! I'm sorry to say this but I see that just as I have some students who behave and others who do not I also have parents who behave and some who do not!" Whew was I glad that I wasn't talking right then! Later Kendra said, "I thought that part was funny."

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


This weekend I got a phone call from my Dad. I could tell it was serious by the tone in his voice. My mom's dad "Poppa" was in hospice. All the family had gathered there to say goodbye to him.

He had just turned 90 and my cousin was putting together a book of 90 memories from all of us. So we'd all just been thinking of things we wanted included over the last few weeks. I'd decided to write about what a great story teller he is and how he's handed that down so that I see it in my own children.
I feel so far away from my family right now. I don't feel worried about Poppa. He knew the Lord and I'm certain he's enjoying being there with Him and being reunited with ones who've gone before him including my Grandma. But I'm aware of the shift in our family structure and that I'm away as things are shifting. I miss the chance to grieve together with them.
To laugh and tell stories.
To cry and tell stories.

I'm reminded why I live away today. This world is not my home. And I'm anxious to invite as many people as I can to my home.