Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Grandma, Bernice Wilder

On October 22, Sunday morning I got a very unexpected phone call from my mom telling me that my Grandma had died. The night before I had just written her a newsy note about the kids and Luke and even about dear memories of holidays in her home. I didn't get to mail it. But I'm so glad that I got to write those things to her before she left. And I'm so glad that now she's with the Father and it all makes sense.

Amazingly, the Lord had already orchestrated that I would have a plane ticket headed to Portland Oregon and would be landing the day before the funeral will be happening. We were already headed home by the generosity of our dear friend Claudia Fahrner in order that we might join them at their son Matt's wedding. He was our former student in Heidelberg Germany and now has grown to be a man, a friend and soon a husband. We'd decided we would add on a bit so that we could visit 3 days in Portland, then 3 days to Denver for Josh's mom and dad to meet Luke and then top it off with joining them to celebrate at the wedding in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

I feel God is sending me to be with my family at this time. And I'm so grateful. Grateful to cry together as we remember her and all her dear ways. Grateful that we had already arranged for my dad to be here with the other kids while we travel. And grateful that the Lord's ways are higher than mine. That He knows that after the sorrow of a funeral and the feelings of loss; a wedding will be the reminder that one day He is coming for all of us and taking us to His home to live with Him!

Vienna with the Bible study girls

Right before school started up again Luke and I jumped in the car with "my girls" and headed out on a road trip to Vienna. I say "my girls" because I have been meeting with these girls for 4 years now. Neja, Maja and Barbara first approached me and asked me to be their english teacher when they were middle schoolers. I didn't know at the time that they would become dear friends. And that is just what they are! When they ring the door bell each week my kids actually call them "my english girls". Which is funny since they are all Slovenes and I'm an American. Not an Englishman among us! We decided to regroup this year and turned our english class/ book club into a real bible study. I love talking about the bible and how God is impacting their lives with these girls. And do they know how to memorize scripture! Watch out! They often memorize the verse we've chosen in both english and slovene! Well, while in Vienna we went shopping for school supplies, stopped at Starbucks(the closest Starbucks is 4 hours away!) for a coffee experience and a little lunch at the local TGIFridays! We invited Anna and Luke to join us and had a memorable excursion!

Luke and his lady friend

Luke and Mom with Abigail Woodard and Miss Amy.
I love the way he has his hand on her shoulder! He's such a reassuring guy to all his friends! In this photo Luke is about three months and Abigail is two months. It's fun that they have each other...and that Miss Amy and I have each other. "Is she sleeping through the night yet? "

Life with Luka

Luka is the Slovene version of Luke so we use that as a nickname for him. We are having so much fun with this "bringer of light"!
Rebecca and Luke

Reading Billy Graham's book on leadership with Dad . You really have to concentrate!

Luke in his new shades with Miss Lori. These shades are a babe magnet!
Luke and Rebecca together on our camping trip when he was one month old. We bundled him up and headed to a farmer's woods that we love to go and be all rustic!