Thursday, June 02, 2011

Celebrating 10 years in Slovenia with the Jackson family!

 Maybe you've already seen this shot since I posted it on facebook and Josh used it in an update but I just never get tired of looking at these cutie pie kids grown up into such enjoyable teenagers and that Luka is added in the mix now!  But 10 years ago the above picture is what the Jackson girls and the Patty kids looked like when they climbed off the train and entered their new home in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
 And this is the shot of them 10 years later in the same location after they'd spent a normal day in their Slovene public schools, doing homework, chatting with friends, taking tests...... What a sense of accomplishment.  They are doing it!  We are doing it!  We are "delighting to share not only the gospel of God but our lives as well"!
 A couple days later we got together and really celebrated!  We grilled and had lots of yummy things and laughed and remembered.
 I tried to get a shot of everyone.
 Some people got in there more than once.
 I won't say who but her initials are Laurel Jackson!
Even the Aria and Scout joined us!
Not sure what happened to Luke and Blake!  hmmm.  but they were there and a good time was had by all!  What a privildge and a pleasure to serve the Lord alongside our dear and loyal friends the Jackson family.  We love you guys!  So glad God sent us together!


A couple of weeks ago we celebrated one of my favorite baptisms ever!  Our dear friend Meta who came to one of our early English camps and was a part of the English Club that met at our house was baptised at our church!  

Meta told her story and shared how the Lord has been close to her during the ups and downs of life.  We've seen her grow and be transformed from a girl to a woman during those years.  She's been an excellent lover of God and lover of people.  She's invested her life in the lives of Jr. Highers at youth group and has even begun an outreach ministry to kids in a town 30 minutes from here.  And she's got the most beautiful and poetic heart you have ever seen!  

Meta really experienced a lot of opposition and threats as a result of her decision to be baptized.  But even in that her faith was strengthened and she allowed the Lord to lead her and teach her some wonderful things!  Look at the look on her face in this shot!  I just love it! 

Just before they went into the water Josh asked people in the church to call out a sentence or two saying in what ways they've seen Jesus in Meta's life!  Oh I wish you were there to hear it!  So dear and beautiful!  
After they changed clothes our pastor Zvonko and Josh prayed for Meta and then we sang a song that Meta had written the words for and another friend had put music to!  OH WHAT A CELEBRATION!