Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kendra's 9th birthday and other stories!

We celebrated Kendra's 9th birthday on Friday. She took cupcakes to school for snack time. Supplied with cake mix and canned frosting from the US by our friend Claudia, I always reserve these products for birthday celebrations. And every year the kids come home with teachers asking for the recipe! She invited her friends over and we translated into Slovene an old youth group favorite game, Life size Clue. Josh, Blake, Becca and I were stationed throughout the house. The kids were in teams and ran around to find out who buried the treasure, with what tool and in what room. It was loads of fun with Kapitan Gatnik (Captain Underpants) using his nohte(fingernails) to bury a treasure in the klet (basement).
On Saturday we headed over to the church picnic and worship service. On the way home we stopped at the new house to lock up since workers had been there in the morning. And as we drove by we saw all kinds of tents and a crowd of folks. We stopped to see what was going on. Donkey racing! We laughed so hard! And evidently folks came from Austria and Italy to be a part!
Plus Luka got to meet Martin Krpan a Slovene story character. Love the outfit!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

International Children's Festival

A couple months ago we were at McDonalds. Youth group was meeting at our house and I took the kids to get some dinner. We ran into a lady we've known for years. She's from Macedonia but lives in Slovenia now with her husband and 2 daughters. She told us she was planning an international Children's Festival with kids singing from all around the former Yogoslav states. Her face lit up and she suddenly said, "Can Rebecca sing for us as well?!" She had heard Rebecca sing at church. We exchanged information and let it go at that. Later, I thought we'd missed the date for the performance. But she called this week to ask if we were still interested.

What really cracks me up is the way that Rebecca is so calm over her chances to sing. I would be sweating even with weeks of practice. But she embraces every chance with confidence and joy and I never get the feeling she's performing. It's just a natural part of herself that gets an opportunity to be seen! So last night she sang The Call by Regina Specktor. It's the song at the end of Prince Caspian. We couldn't find background music so Josh played his guitar. (Another person who doesn't work up a sweat over these things!) They were a HUGE hit! The presenter told Josh after the dress rehersal that after Rebecca sang she had goose bumps!

Blake's 13th birthday

Blake turned 13 this week! We can hardly believe it! As parents who also happen to be youth workers we love the fact that he gets to participate in the work we do as a student. As well as the conversations we get to have with him and the way he contributes to our family and this work. At the same time we can hardly wrap our brains arount the idea that he's not a little boy anymore!
To celebrate his birthday he invited his friends over. They played Rock Band and of course ate! Chili dogs, birthday cake and other junk food. This is Blake, Klemen and Nik. But I think the hit of the night was taking them over to the new house to do some work. Luke's room used to be a kitchen so they got to knock off tile. Josh said he had to keep things quick though because the attention span was short and the desire to demolish overwhelming!This is Nik and Filip hard at work.
Also, some yucky old furniture is left in our room that had been smoked in pretty heavily. We needed to get rid of it so we let the guys throw it off the balcony in the girls' bedroom! You can imagine the cheer that went up!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So where are things at with the house?

Well, I keep wanting to post something but it's still 2 steps forward then 2 back. But last week we signed for our loan after a considerable amount of work from some very amazing people. Then today the money came through in the form of a bank transfer to the account here and we were able to buy the Euros that Josh had locked in on at a very good rate some months back. So now that money is being transfered to our sellers account.

Josh has keys to the house! We are free to go over and start working away, although it's a bit awkward because the seller hasn't moved out yet. But that doesn't stop Josh! Today we had new windows put in Luke's room and the girl's room!

Meanwhile, I keep plugging away at this house. I have great hope of finding things that have been missing for years.... we'll see what pops up!

And while Josh has been working on the plan for our kitchen he realized that because of the exchange rate he could save a good amount by buying our kitchen from IKEA in Poland! So after our annual JV Conference in Czech the kids and I headed home while Josh went to Poland and laid out the plan in the languages he knows while the IKEA guys used the languages they know! I think in the end he got what we'll need to get cooking! ha ha!

So now I'll start keeping up the house blog with the work progress. And continue blogging here about our family life that we think we can live while we remodel. Time will tell!