Monday, October 03, 2011

Blake at Ledina

Last month Blake started high school as a 10th grader at Gimnazija Ledina.  That one sentence has a LOT behind it!  But what it mostly has behind it is the Lord's hand!

If you've been tracking with Blake you may know that he's faced some challenges in regard to school over the years.  He's got the whole "American speaking a second language for his primary education thing" going for him.  And then you add to that his dyslexia which isn't severe, but does seem to plague him at the most inconvienent moments.  Throw in the fact that he's been the only Christian in his class and in a society where living out your faith in every day real life is...well, weird.

As I explained in an earlier post, here in Slovenia as in other European countries, kids are slotted toward vocational schools or college prep schools after the 9th grade.  So our daily prayer for the past year has been that the Lord would direct Blake to just the right school for him.

The story is a long one.  I think because the Lord wanted it to be obvious that it was His work and His placing of Blake.  It has many intricate details and things only the Lord could have orchestrated.

In the middle of June, sign ups for high school happened.  We'd left for the states not knowing what God was going to do but believing he was going to do something.

Our friend Metka went in our place to the school sign up with all Blake's papers ready and prepared to do her best for him, not really knowing what that might entail.  She said that when they took her info she was immediately greeted by a friendly lady who said, "Oh yes.  We are all prepared for Blake!  We got a letter extending  permission for him to attend this school and receive extra tutoring in the area he needs it.  The education department believes that he has all the intelligence neccessary to attend this school but may need extra help because of his dyslexia."

You know we asked the Lord for just the right school for Blake but I think the Lord gave him more, down to just the right class.  He's in a great class of kids that he really enjoys. (A bunch of firstborns like him!) He is doing well managaing the school work load and doesn't have that lost feeling that seemed to perpetually follow him.

Thank you for your prayers for him and for us along the way in this process!