Thursday, January 13, 2011

Celebrating Christmas 2010

I confess that I was fighting with blogger and I lost. I have to say that it took the wind out of my sails and I just couldn't get back into the spirit of the whole thing.  But the holidays have come and my family is so fun that I decided to lay down arms and start posting again.  Plus my mother and mother in law have told me it's time and they want to see pictures of their babies again.  So here's a shot of Teenager decorating the tree this year.  I told him to try not to look like he's trying out for the role of "I just killed a man" and the following is what I got.....

 Me: "Try to sparkle a little son."
Blake: "How's this?"
Me: "Ah, just a little less maybe."

 Here's our teenage girl asking the question, "Should we tell Oma that the ornaments she sends us every year are quite strange? " 
 And preteen Kendra is asking, "What message do you think Oma is sending me when every year my ornament from her is a chubby little person?"
But Luka is just pleased with the whole process and doesn't insist on taking weird pictures for me to put on the blog.  Cutie pie kid!