Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blake's high school search

Blake is our first born and has had to pave the road in many ways for his siblings coming behind him.  This year has been an especially big one as he is choosing a high school for next year.  Here in Slovenia the school system works a bit differently than in the US.  1st -9th  grade is called your primary education years and then in 9th grade you begin to choose what direction you plan to head in your career through the high school you decide to attend.

Primary school can be very stressful those last 3 years as your grades on your report card determine what schools you'll be allowed to attend.  Some kids will head towards technical schools while others will go on to what is called Gimnazija.  What we would consider high school or maybe College Prep.

At this point in his life Blake is pretty sure that he'll head to the US for college and then make a life for himself in the states.  So really the only option for him is attending Gimnazija. He's applied for one of the local highschools here in Ljubljana but we are also looking into a possible International School program for him that conducts their lessons in English.

It's a great opportunity for us to trust the Lord. We don't know if Blake will have enough points to make it into the Gimnazija.  We aren't sure if the International School will accept him considering that he has done 9 years in the Slovene system.  They tend to prefer that you stay in the Slovene system once you are in. And even if they do accept him there is a school tuition.  Should we stick with public school or head this direction?

What we do know is that we are awfully proud of this kid!  He's attended all his primary education in a second language.  He's really taken responsibilites for his studies to a new level in the last few years and risen to the challenge.  He cares about his classmates and has been reaching out to them and inviting them to youth group and other events.

Would you pray for us and for the Lord's leading in this new area?  And specifically for Blake.  That he would sense the Lord's leading and direction and be at peace.  And for Blake's mom!  Who is trying to let her kid make those decisions and see the Lord at work as he grows to a man.