Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Elisa Takalo Lund wedding

I just got this photo from Elisa's mom, my dear friend Rainy. Last month we had the opportunity to attend her wedding. It was a very memorable event. A beautiful military wedding, the best communion bread I've ever tasted (I totally understand glutony at the Lord's table now!), and a wedding reception that took a page out of the script of Sweet Home Alabama. It looked like the rain might pass over as we enjoyed an outdoor reception. But there was a sudden downpour that had everyone running for cover and laughing. Very sweet and very memorable! Congratulations Elisa!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Matt and Whitney Baldwin Wedding

One of the joys of being in the US in summer is attending weddings of people we love. Matt Baldwin interned with us one year in Slovenia and this is his new bride.

Je Treba Delat

My mom and dad own the Spaghetti Estabilishment in Kennewick, WA and this summer the kids are getting their first experience working for the man. Or in this case the Oma! Blake and Rebecca have uniform shirts while they bus tables, sweep and do any other busy work. While Kendra gets to dress up as the hostess and seat people as well as wipe down menus. The main thing is that you always keep working and remember that Oma is the boss!
Service with a smile!
Oh and did you notice the cute hair cut that Becca got this summer?
Happy customer Luka!

Luke's second birthday

June 30th Luke turned 2 but he woke up with a fever of 103! It was a bummer because we had attended Elisa Takalo Lund's wedding the night before and afterwards jumped in the car to so we could wake up at my parents the next morning and celebrate Luke's birthday together. But he just didn't feel up to it.
It ended up that he had come down with Rosiola so his fever was very high for the next three days then finally he broke out with the rash and felt better. So we waited until the 4th of July for his party. Which is kinda funny because last year that was the day we celebrated with the Jacksons and Woodards because of camps. And it was also his original due date!

Friday, July 04, 2008

My girls and The Battle Hymn of the Republic

One of the camps you've been praying for is one that my bible study girls are leading. In the spring they let drop the fact that they didn't think they'd be at English camp this year. I was stunned. These girls love this camp! What could be keeping them from it? How about the call of God on their lives? Barbara and Maja explained that although they love to go to camp and wait for it all year. They felt like this time it was their turn to not just be involved but to take ownership in leading others like they'd been led. They felt like they could share and apply what they've been learning at the camp that is led by their local Catholic church every year. They wanted kids attending to get more than games and hear a bible story that they didn't know how to apply. So we did a crash course in preparing them to introduce kids and leaders alike to Jesus in a personal way through a camp setting. I am so proud of them! Please pray for the follow up that is critical after a big event like this! And also for protection for them as the enemy often attacks after ground has been taken.

We are loving being in the US for the 4th of July. When we sang The Battle Hymn of the Republic I was so moved. I wept over the line, "As He died to make men holy let us live to make them free." Those are the words I'm praying... a battle hymn for the Republic of Slovenia!