Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tihi Ocean

Becca, Blake and Kendra in front of Haystack Rock at the Pacific Coastline.

Camping Season is here!

As you may know, in the summers we make a big thrust towards taking students to camps. When we first arrived we started off with English camps but as we grow we continue to look for new in roads into kids' hearts.

It's still a new country and what we are doing is still very new. This is hard fought over territory. And because there's not much happening evangelistically in Slovenia, satan is going after those who are involved in this movement of God reaching the young people of Slovenia.

Our teammates who are leading and directing are very aware and prepared. And yet the push is very strenous and often filled with dark opposition.
Please join us as we pray from this side of the ocean. Here's some things we're praying about.

* Because of "complications" we've had to cancel one of our camps and change to a combined effort. A lot of prayer and effort went into the planning of these camps so to have to make a change requires a huge challenge. Pray that we'll see God's leading and directing as we rememeber that Jesus was often focused on interuptions and "accidents".

* Students who have not been able to attend or are afraid to ask their parents if they can attend an evangelical camp.

* Teams who have been sent by churches in the US and Ireland. Pray for them to make wise choices about where to direct their engery and to listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Especially as they pour themselves out in a new culture and a spiritual war zone.

* Our staff and teammates who will be leading and directing 8 camps throughout the summer as well as arranging for follow up. It's a deep kind of weary that you feel at camp....but also the best kind!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Patty Family Reunion

Here are just a few cousin shots from our family reunion trip to Telluride, Colorado.
This pic is Tyler pointing out some big time construction equipment to Luke. One of my favorite things about being in the Patty family is the way our kids love each other. They have played together non stop and can't seem to get enough of each other. And the creative influence is better than putting your kid in some kind of work shop! Tyler and Caleb sang in church one Sunday. They were great! I'm ready to put them on my iPod! And Blake is ready to bust out that dusty guitar we've got in the garage!

We did several day trips including Mesa Verde where I took this picture of Becca, Claire, Kyrie, Blake, Kendra and Jonathan. Later on when we returned to Denver, the older kids went to the Jr. High program together while the younger ones went to the kids program.
We got a taste of American heritage and had a picnic near an old abandoned railroad. Kerith, Justin and Caleb join Blake and Jonathan on the rail fence.

Continental Divide

After we landed the whole Patty family came into town and we headed out on our family reunion to Telluride Colorado. On the way we stopped at the Continental Divide. Josh's dad explained how at this point water poured on one side flows towards the Pacific Ocean and water poured on the other side flows towards the Atlantic Ocean.
He handed each family two bottles of water labled Pacific and Atlantic and we got the chance to send some water to each of those two oceans.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Last Day of School!

Yesterday was the kids' last day of school. Their school mates are in until June 24 but since we are flying today we got permission to take them out early. They all did very well and there was lots of excitement around our place last night. No school and a trip to the states! Yee haw! Rebecca sent me this text message "I am done,finishig scool with a 5!" 5 is equal to an A so that was her overall grade! Now we just need to work on her english spelling! Off to go shove the last things in our bags!