Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Saying Goodbye

It's never easy saying goodbye. This month we said a very emotional goodbye to our friends and teammates Joel and Amy Woodard. On our team we've taken the stance that though we work together we are family. So it brought sort of a different interpretation to Paul's words when he said, "We loved you so much that we shared not only the gospel of God but our lives as well." The Woodards shared the gospel of God with Slovenes alongside us for many years. We're so pleased to know that they'll be sharing the gospel of God wherever they go. But we won't be sharing our lives in the same way as we have these past years.
Luke and Abby are only a month apart in age. This is a shot of them the day the Woodards flew out. We miss you already dear friends!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Luka and Aunt Connie

Just had to post this great photo of Luka and Aunt Connie. Just before school started Uncle Dave and Aunt Connie came for a visits with the cousins Caleb and Claire. It was very strange not to have Tyler with them since he's off to college now. But our Aunt Connie is a famously good gift giver and this was her present for Luka. (Even the teenage boys and the dog had fun playing with this one!)

Becca's golden birthday

Somewhere the kids picked up that you celebrate your "golden" birthday when you turn the same year as the date of your birthday. Rebecca is the first of our kids to hit hers as she turned 12 on the 12th. (Incidentally the other kids will be 20, 29 and 30 for theirs!)

Well, it was a bit of pressure for me with things so unsettled around here. But Rebecca is the kind of girl who is just so satisfied and easy to please that we had loads of success. I picked up Becca and 4 of her schoolmates from school to come over to our place. And the neighbor girl from our old house met us there. The weather had rained all morning but for the 3 hours of her party it cleared, warmed up and the girls were outside for most of the time. Becca said that she and her friend Kiley had prayed about it and God really answered! Just as we were climbing into the van to take people home it started to thunder!
Becca had the idea of having mini treats. And we made mini cakes for everyone (brownies) that they decorated and then Josh gave prizes for most creative, colorful etc.
We keep saying that this little porch is one of the best things about this house. We host so many guests for meals, coffee, meetings and this place is just the right space for us. It was great to see Becca with these girls from school. She and Kiley Jackson have been friends since they were babies, but the other girls are friendships she's worked towards. Sometimes in her class that's been difficult. Two of the girls have moved to our school in the last year or two and they are real answers to prayer. It was obvious that this was a group of Rebecca's friends, so sweet and friendly, gentle and joyful!
Happy Golden Birthday Rebecca!

First Day of School

I'm a bit behind on the posting.
We've been living our "normal" life which is anything other than what I'd classify as normal. Kinda camping in the house and trying to cut corners on the budget so we can get started on the renovation for the living room/dining room floor, a huge goodbye to our friends and teammates The Woodards, (more on that in another post), some overnight guests, back to school and finding our rhythm and then LICE. Oh ick!
So now everyone is back in school and Luka and I are at home catching up while Josh is gone to fall conference.
But wanted to post the pic from the first day of school. In the old house we always took photos in front of the buffet in the livingroom and on the front porch. Not sure where "our spot" will be at this house. So this one is in front of the front door. A front door that we are planning on changing... soon I hope!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Little House on the Prairie

Every summer I try to read at least one classic to the kids. I define classic as the books I read as a kid and anything I like basically! This summer with all the transition it was harder to do but the girls and I read Little House on the Prairie.

When I read the line towards the end of the book, "The snug log house looked just as it always had. It did not seem to know they were going away." I totally choked up.

When we drove away from our house this June after the big push to get out. Josh was in one car I was in the other. We were tired. It was late. There was no moment.

Maybe that's because our teammates are living there and renting the place for a short time while they study language so I know I'll be back there when I go to see them.

Maybe it's because our remodeling hasn't finished so we've left a lot of our big furniture there, and it feels like we haven't really moved.

Maybe it's because we only live a few minutes down the road.

But I can't forget that is the house Kendra came to at 11 months.

The home we brought Luke to from the hospital.

The home where all our kids stood on the front porch to take their first day of school picture.

The home where Josh first introduced Blake to Scout.
May 2001
Kendra 11 months
Blake almost 5 years old and Becca 3 years old

Becca, Luke, Kendra, Scout and Blake in front of the new house last week.