Thursday, November 21, 2013

Days until Christmas

Before I was married I just assumed that we would spend one year with my husbands family and the next year with my family.  That's the way it was when I was growing up.  Why would it be any different when I got married?  Maybe because I married into the Patty Family!  They have always lived in different countries and been spread around the world since long before I came around!  So we have seen each other for Christmases.  Sometimes we get Christmas with one brother or the other.  Sometimes Mom and Dad have come to visit.  Once we were in the states for a couple months on furlough and got to spend the holiday with my parents.  But the idea of flying all of us back to the states at high season for just a couple of weeks has never been a viable option.  Until now.

Decorating the tree last year.  Can you see Kendra in the corner?  She thinks she's so funny!

Rebecca in 2012 decorating the tree.

Every 3 years or so the Patty Family tries to have some kind of a reunion.  Each year we get a little smaller as the grand kids are involved with jobs, getting married and starting families of their own.  We realized we are reaching the end of being able to count on all of us being there.  We sat around the lunch table with Josh's brother Dave saying, "How and when could do this with all of us?"  Christmas came up and right after it the realization that our family is the only one overseas this year.  With the rest of the siblings being in the states we wondered if this might be the year for us to do our first ever Patty Family Christmas!

So the result is that we are counting down the days until our first ever Christmas in Denver!  And we are so excited!  


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